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STUDIO CITY (CBSLA) – A traffic jams in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has created a ripple effect felt by retailers, restaurants and, now, the customers they serve.

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“There are things we ordered in January that we still haven’t received and may never receive,” said Jessica Goldfarb, owner of Limonaia gift shop in Santa Monica.

Safeguarding in ports, along with a labor shortage and 500,000 containers awaiting unloading, are forcing business owners like Goldfarb to struggle to meet the needs of their business and their customers.

“There are just layers and layers and layers of things you don’t think about, kind of like our shopping bags. Who knew it would take us now, as usual, what would take three months now would take nine months to get us personalized shopping bags from China, ”she said.

Goldfarb said it’s not just overseas inventory that’s slow to show or even a no-show these days.

“Almost every supplier I have, like there is a problem. I don’t anticipate that once we get an order for something, we’ll ever be able to get it again in 2021, ”said the owner of the gift shop.

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California Retailers Association president Rachel Michelin said the pandemic was partly to blame for the backlog, but not entirely.

“This is a national and international problem and, in reality, part is related to COVID, part is related to consumer spending. There are a lot of different factors involved. We’re having trouble with, you know, we have to recruit more truckers. We need to recruit more port workers, ”she said.

Michelin added that the problem is not entirely unexpected.

“This is part of a whole different conversation about why we have such a labor shortage in California. You can attribute this to some of the policies that may have been adopted because of COVID. I mean, I think sometimes it’s harder, you know, to recruit young people into these kinds of jobs.

The confluence of these issues is the reason why consumers and business owners struggle to find things they wouldn’t normally find and it can be a frustrating holiday time where even common articles can be edits. limited.

“We get daily emails from people, from our suppliers, saying, ‘Sorry for that, as we know you ordered it for Christmas, but we won’t receive it. “So you’re not going to get it,” Goldfarb said.

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The California Retailers Association and some of its more prominent members will meet with port managers next week to see how they can get things done.

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