New WWE 2K22 Patch Released Including E-Sports Branded Apparel

2K Games has released a new patch for WWE 2K22 ahead of tomorrow’s “Stand Back” DLC pack. The patch will not only save the four superstars that will be released as downloadable content, but will also fix bugs related to table matches, as well as community creations and general gameplay stability.

One of the major updates provided by the patch is the inclusion of FaZe Clan branded clothing items. The esports team recently announced an anticipated board of directors that included former WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon and will now see 14 items added to WWE 2K22.

The other important part of the patch is to make future DLC roster members of the upcoming “Stand Back” DLC pack available: Hurricane Helms, Stacy Keibler, A-Kid, and Wes Lee. Hurricane Helms and Stacy Keibler haven’t appeared in a WWE match in several years, while A-Kid and Lee are making their WWE debuts.

Two MyFaction have also been added to replace former WWE NXT Superstar Nash Carter, who was set to debut alongside former partner Wes Lee. Carter was fired from WWE in April after allegations of abuse by his wife Kimber Lee, as well as the release of a photo showing Carter sporting a Hitler mustache and giving a Nazi salute. The cards that will be included will be a Booker T EVO MyFaction card and a Seth Rollins Sapphire MyFaction card.

The patch also promises to fix issues with the Creative Suite, issues players have been having with using custom wrestlers in the game’s Universe mode, as well as stability for the game’s MyGM mode. weapons such as tables will also be included, and the evasion/break-in system has been fixed.

The full list of updates included in the patch is available here.

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