NBA star Jimmy Butler launches ‘Bigface’ coffee brand



With the NBA season starting in October 2021, Butler will enter his 13th season in the league. He played at a high level for various teams including the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves and Philadelphia 76ers. Now a Miami Heat player, the four-time All-NBA player has earned more than $ 144 million from his NBA career. He could make over $ 184 million with the last four years of his current contract with the Heat.

Butler signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Rhône, a lifestyle clothing brand, in May 2021. This was Rhône’s first agreement with an active professional player. Butler has contributed to various departments in Rhône including design, marketing, collaborations, and community work. Butler also received a stake in the company, the amount not being disclosed. The clothing brand is preparing to launch a special Jimmy Butler collection that could be released later this year.

In 2016, Butler partnered with another fashion company, Bonobos. The clothing store relies more on e-commerce to sell high-end clothing, but also has various physical stores across the United States. A subsidiary of Walmart, Bonobos made Butler a brand ambassador and built campaigns using the star’s fame. In addition to preparing outfits for the bonobos, Butler was featured in the company’s first TV commercials.

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