Make your putt unique with Reaper Disc Supply and their new selection of disc golf discs

ELMIRA, Calif., June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mower disc supply is an e-commerce store that is shaking up the growing disc golf industry with its forward-thinking branding and vast inventory of disc golf discs.

The disc golf market has grown significantly since the Covid-19 pandemic, with several professional players even signing multi-million dollar sponsorship deals. This surge in popularity has seen the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) grow by more than 100%, from 110,000 to 222,000 members in just four years.

So whether you’re new to disc golf and looking for affordable beginner discs, a collector looking for hard-to-find touring series discs, or want to bring a unique edge to the disc golf course , Reaper Disc Supply has something for you. .

Breaking the mold with unique discs

Reaper Disc Supply offers a wide range of popular manufacturers, as well as their own custom designed disc golf discs.

With their unique branding, vibrant colors and eye-catching designs, you’ll never have to settle for another boring disc again.

To https://reaperdiscs.comthey have a huge selection of disc golf discs for every type of disc golf technique, including:

  • Putting and Approach Discs
  • Mid-range drives
  • Fairway Drivers
  • remote pilots

In-depth reviews

With so many different manufacturers to choose from, Reaper Disc Supply offers in-depth disc reviews written by professional readers to help you choose the disc that’s right for you.

Some of the most popular brands are:


Countless pros have won championships using Innova Champion discs, and their team includes some of the biggest names in disc golf, including Nate Sexton, Calvin Heimburgand Jeremy Koling.

As the largest manufacturer of disc golf discs in the industry, Innova uses its years of experience to offer various discs for players of all skill levels. They have state-of-the-art plastics, popular molds, and no shortage of pros to show them off in action.

Reaper Disc Supply sells many of Innova’s most popular discs online, such as:

  • Destructive
  • Bird of Fire
  • Spectrum
  • Pig
  • Leopard

They also offer an extensive selection of Tour Series discs, which help their players journey on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.


Discmania was founded in 2006 and has grown exponentially through partnerships with major disc manufacturers like Innova and Latitude 64.

Reaper Disc Supply supplies many of Discmania’s most popular products, including their three disc lines:

  • Discmania Originals: This is their heritage collection and contains popular records such as the P2, PD and FD.
  • Discmania Evolution: Introduced in 2019, it offers discs like Neo Splice, Mutant and Enigma.
  • Discmania active: Their most economical line, with records like Majesty, Astronaut and Rockstar.


Founded in 2011, Kastaplast offers many popular discs offered online at Reaper Disc Supply, such as:

What makes them different

Reaper Disc Supply goes above and beyond to ensure every customer has the best possible experience. Each order comes with a handwritten note from the owner, secure, branded packaging and customer service unmatched by other stores in the industry.

They also offer affordable, waterproof, high quality disc golf stickers for your car or laptop that will last for years.

Reaper also offers its own line of streetwear-inspired clothing, including shirts, hoodies, and socks. Their clothes are made with top quality clothing for men and women.

Each disc golf shirt design is hand drawn by their in-house artist and is inspired by his punk, skate and tattoo past. Reaper Discs is the first brand to bring this unique, cutting-edge style to the historically “bland” disc golf apparel industry.

More information

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