Ducati Unica gives owners a chance to customize their bikes


Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati now offers a personalization program called Unica, allowing owners to customize their new machine straight from the factory. According to Ducati, each bike in the Unica program will be unique, as there will be no duplication of an owner’s design choices. The Unica program is extremely limited and probably very expensive.

Ducati announced in a press release that from 2023 it will only produce one Unica motorcycle per quarter or four per year. Which makes it all the more exciting and intriguing.

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Know the Unica program

The side view of a Ducati motorcycle
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In Italian, “Unica” means “unique”, and that is precisely what Ducati aims for: a one-of-a-kind custom Ducati motorcycle for the owner. With Ducati Unica, the Centro Stile Ducati welcomes Ducatisti and helps them realize their dream: to work directly with designers and technicians to create a unique motorcycle in the world. Ducatisti who sign up for the program will be able to visit the Ducati Centro Stile workshop in person, express their desires to the designers and follow the progress of their motorcycles during periodic visits, witnessing first-hand the level of dedication and attention to detail. that Ducati dedicates to each personalization project.

Each Ducati covered by the Unica program is delivered to its owner with a certificate of uniqueness which validates its authenticity and guarantees its non-replicability. Ducati dealers are an essential part of the project. They will provide the information needed to request access to the program, which is available worldwide and applies to all Ducati models, including Ducati Scramblers. Due to the unique nature of each Ducati Unica project and the meticulous attention paid to each one, the company can only accept a few requests each year and only those that correspond to the values ​​of the brand.

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The Unica Philosophy

The close up of a Ducati Unica bike
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The Unica program is based on Ducati’s philosophy that design is a distinctive feature of the company’s creations. The company had been working for some time on launching a project that would allow Ducatisti to identify even more with its own motorcycle, making it a direct expression of everyone’s individual style. As a result, Ducati Unica was born, a highly exclusive program that attests to the excellence of Made in Italy, of which Ducati is a worldwide representative. An exciting and unforgettable personalization experience to live within the Centro Stile itself.

In North America, Unica’s first pilot project began with number 500 of 500 Superleggera V4s, which were customized at the request of Dave Enders, a longtime Ducati fan who owned many of the flagship models of the Ducati. ‘business. Enders was inspired for the design of his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. The Ducati Newport Beach dealership in California held an event to showcase this unique motorcycle.

A unique initiative

A red Ducati Superlegerra V4
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While the Ducati Unica’s level of customization is unique in the two-wheeled world, it’s not new to the high-end automotive world. Lamborghini, for example, which like Ducati is owned by the Volkswagen Group, has its own program, Lamborghini Ad Personam, which allows customers to choose finishes and materials with the help of Ad Personam studio staff. Ducati is following Porsche’s lead by launching a new factory customization program to allow customers to create the one-of-a-kind motorcycle of their dreams. Porsche calls it the Sonderwunsch or Special Wishes program, while Ducati calls it Unica.

As if Ducati’s many limited production models weren’t enough, the program signals its intention to distinguish itself as a manufacturer of ultra-premium motorcycles. It brings a supercar experience to the world of two wheels, especially in terms of specificity and quality of customer service. The Ducati Unica program directly benefits the smaller percentage of Ducati owners, which is also likely designed to influence brand perception. This program is for Ducati owners who have strong emotional attachments to their motorcycles. The company will use this program to try to understand what owners think of their bikes, as materializing customer perception leads to customer satisfaction, which builds trust in the brand. Needless to say, confidence leads to future growth.

Pricing for the Unica program has not been disclosed as each bike will be unique and customers will be treated well. In a press release, the company says that every stage of the bike’s development will be documented and include owner input, from first sketches to delivery photos. The customization process will be described with the help of Ducati professionals, defining every detail, including precious materials, dedicated finishes, special colors and Ducati Performance accessories.

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