Cermount Supplements and Dietary Packaging Brand Expansion Promotes Pride and Purpose

Brévard, North Carolina, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cermount, Recognized for SQF Level Dietary Supplements and Dry Food Packaging Services, Offers Quality-Focused Contract Manufacturing While Employing an Inclusive, Mission-Driven Workforce . With its parent company, Transylvania Vocational Services (TVS), and ongoing contracts with the U.S. government for food banks and the U.S. military, Cermount has continued to thrive and expand its food and supplement manufacturing business under private label over the past two years.

Cermount is investing in the future with an upgrade of the current facilities and an extension of the line. New vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal equipment, additional filling lines and a high-speed Bosch encapsulation machine are just some of the recent investments. Additional square meters have been added to accommodate new growth and line space dedicated to dietary supplement blending, encapsulation, bottling and powder filling opportunities.

“Cermount plans to continue to expand its facilities and capabilities to meet the growing needs of its customers and the market,” said the vice president of business development and marketing. beth rich. “We also have exciting new capabilities planned for the coming year, such as single-serve cups, different packaging sizes and styles, and additional material offerings. We were fortunate that our recent growth has allowed us to reinvest those types of investments in our organization.”

Cermount is flexible with a variety of packaging options, production sizes and overall ease of market entry. The R&D team can help new customers develop custom feeds or simply improve a current formula. Overall, Cermount is responsive, easy to use, and there to help meet the end-to-end manufacturing needs of most project requirements.

“Certified quality. Trusted Service”, Cermount’s motto, is based on the mission of its parent company, Transylvania Vocational Services (TVS), which has provided competitive employment to adults with disabilities for over 50 years. TVS has a state-of-the-art dry food manufacturing plant that fulfills contracts for the federal government. Cermount’s new capabilities and expansion, combined with TVS’ mission and expertise, is a winning combination and why both are trusted and respected by industry partners. By “manufacturing with purpose”, these organizations strive to improve the dignity and quality of life of people with disabilities and barriers to employment. For more information, visit www.cermount.com.


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