CE Pro 100 2022 Mark Analysis: Home Electronics Companies Lead the Rankings

To say that the pandemic has affected the global economy would certainly be an understatement. Unlike many industries, including restaurants and tourism, which have been badly affected, or industries such as commercial real estate, which could be negatively affected as the world returns to normal, the installation market bespoke flourished.

CE Pro’s annual brand analysis, which is drawn from data provided by CE Pro 100 members, validates this increase in investment in home technology.

This listing posted median revenues of $6.56 million in 2021 and 13% growth over 2020, and despite ongoing supply chain issues, these integrators could not have achieved results as raised without the manufacturing and distribution communities.

Over the past few years, CE Pro 100 brand analysis has documented the growth of significant custom installation market categories – particularly in the 2020-2021 pandemic – which include home networking, lighting fixtures, outdoor audio and video and home theater. Processors.

After following the market through the outbreak of COVID-19 and the global cocooning that resulted from the pandemic, to where we are today with outbreaks still happening but people returning in large part to their normal business, it will be interesting to see what developments hold for the Brand Analytics.

As society returns to some levels of pre-pandemic “normalcy”, will the industry maintain the momentum that has been built during the pandemic? The custom installation market will also experience first-hand how new categories such as indoor air quality, human-centric lighting (devices and controls) and other wellness-related products behave.

Additionally, as we move forward, integrators will discover how much WFH/hybrid work schedules are influencing the public’s home technology choices and how manufacturers continue to meet demand.

Going back to the current brand analysis, this year’s list includes more than 60 categories, and again this year we paid particular attention to manufacturers who experienced sudden or rapid growth with our Bullet Brands designation.

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