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The kitchen will always be the most important room in the house – and the cabinets are its most defining feature. Picking a style that matches your preferences now while ensuring those design decisions won’t look outdated a decade from now is no easy task.

Although kitchen cabinets may seem like a ton of options to consider, you’d be surprised how much focusing on the details can help you achieve the sleek and dignified kitchen of your dreams.

The experts at Pierce Flooring & Cabinet Design Center share their insights on six ways to use custom cabinetry to give your kitchen a new look you’ll love now and for years to come.


“The first thing we ask of a client is ‘who is using this space’? We also like to know what things they liked and hated about their previous kitchen. Function should always come first,” Kyle Frank, Pierce Flooring & Cabinet Design’s Chief of Staff said, “and then the design will follow”.

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Before they start designing, Pierce Flooring & Cabinet Design likes to create a wish list of items their clients have seen and would like to incorporate into their new design. With this information, the design team can then begin to design their new kitchen space and research new ways to optimize the flow of the room.

“We’ll ask questions like, who’s cooking; whether they are right-handed or left-handed; and what items they use most often,” Frank said. “We’ll be using a mix of different types of cabinetry to personalize their workspace, for example, installing a hidden space for a Kitchen-Aid mixer. That way it doesn’t take up valuable counter space. The options are endless, but a timeless, swoon-worthy kitchen really starts with function. Smart design will always be in style.

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color blocking

From mid-century to classic Craftsman, color blocking or two-tone cabinetry is a trend that never goes out of style. It’s been used in centuries past, but it still looks fresh – and right now it’s back in full force.

“The most popular approach to color blocking a kitchen is to choose white cabinetry for the tops and one color for the base,” Frank recommended. Paint is a great way to personalize your kitchen, and the cabinetry companies at Pierce Flooring & Cabinet Design Center can provide custom paint colors. With the ability to custom paint your cabinets, your options are limitless. “Selecting matching cabinets but choosing a different material or color for the island also works well. Color variations can add a lot of interest,” Frank said. And don’t forget the hardware. The right hardware can be the crown jewel of any kitchen design.


Woods, whites and grays may be considered safe and conservative color choices for kitchen cabinetry, but blue has found its way into the hearts of homeowners everywhere. Blue can be used to grab attention, but it can also be used as a neutral, depending on the hue.

“If you’re going to go for one color, especially in Montana where we love our earth tones, we recommend blue,” the experts at Pierce Flooring & Cabinet Design suggested. “We’ve seen everything from water green to dark navy blue. It adds an appropriately regional touch to our natural color palette. »

Shaker cabinets

“Shaker-style cabinets have been around for hundreds of years, and they still look chic and elegant,” said the experts at Pierce Flooring & Cabinet Design. “They can easily blend into almost any home style or design and they never look out of date.”

Shaker cabinets feature a five-piece door with a recessed center panel. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and can look clean and sleek – two words that can make anyone swoon.

Built-in butcher blocks

“It may be the Montana aesthetic, but we see a lot of butcher block slab orders built into the kitchen counter or island,” said the experts at Pierce Flooring & Cabinet Design. “It’s really an example of ‘old is new again.’ They work so well for the Farmhouse, Rustic style in Montana, it’s an element that almost any homeowner can appreciate.

Black industrial kitchen

Creative lighting

Among the latest trends in cabinetry is the addition of custom lighting. While above cabinet lighting can add ambiance, under cabinet lighting can be an effective lighting solution for a particular area. Kick lighting is also becoming more common.

“Even a faint glow can be functional,” remarked the experts at Pierce Flooring & Cabinet Design. “Plus, custom cabinet lighting can really help you showcase your beautiful kitchen.”

For more information, visit pierceflooring.com.

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